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Understanding how your customers, readers and users interact and engage with your website content is key to running a successful digital presence. Yet many businesses and content owners fail to utilise their website analytics platforms to their full potential.

At positive10 we believe that any business, content or website owner could benefit from the insights provided by solutions such as Google Analytics which is why we offer a variety of different services to suit their needs.

Google Analytics is incredibly useful for understanding the user journey as they move through your website. It can provide insights behind popular products, help you see exactly what type of content is popular and help you understand whether your marketing campaigns are effective in driving the right type of traffic.

Whilst we tend to offer a variety of different services tailored to individual requirements, our service offering tends to cover:

Google Analytics/Tag Manager Set-up & Audits

Think your analytics set up could do with a fine tune? Our audit process checks for a variety of common installation and set up errors to ensure your analytics profiles are tracking the right information. We work closely with our clients to understand their KPIs (key performance indicators) and goals so that we can make sure they correctly analyse these in Google Analytics.

Implementation Consultancy

Our audit process will uncover any installation and set up issues, however what if you have some specific requirements when it comes to measuring interaction using Google Analytics? At Positive10 we have extensive experience in solving and troubleshooting Google Analytics challenges for a variety of different clients – from travel operators to publishing houses.

We can work with your developers and can even implement the more technical side of Google Analytics for more bespoke solutions. From Universal Analytics to Google Tag Manager, we can find a solution that brings the power of analytics back into your hands.

Google Analytics Reporting

Whilst the set up of Google Analytics is extremely important, understanding and reporting the data is obviously critical in obtaining insights. We work with clients to identify exactly what they need to measure and create custom reports and dashboards to do so. We even have experience in creating beautiful excel based dashboards … beautiful

Google Analytics Training

We believe that in essence Google Analytics is simple. Once configured correctly it really is a matter of finding the data and presenting it in a useful and insightful way. Our training sessions are run with the aim of simplifying analytics and are bespoke to the audience.

Google Analytics Powers

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How Can I Use Google Analytics?

I’m a Business Owner

Run a shop? If you’ve ever wondered whether your social media, search or even offline campaigns are leading to conversions then “Ecommerce” tracking is for you…

How about brochures? Or forms? Use “Event” tracking to track how users interact with your content

Want to know how logged in users differ in terms of behaviour? Try “Custom Variables” to identify new audiences

Setting up social sharing and analyse social media the right way

I am a blogger/content owner!

Track your call to action buttons using “Event” and “Goal” tracking for newsletters etc.

Investigate audience engagement by looking at “content” reports

Identify content types that led to higher social shares and visit duration

Email alerts if traffic spikes due to content going viral so you can react accordingly



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